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Chapter 2 - Traditional vs. Unconventional

Another way to clarify your career aptitudes and options is to ask yourself whether you are traditional or unconventional in attitude.

TRADITIONAL people enjoy keeping social and workplace traditions and customs alive. They respect their heritage and seek to maintain the continuity between the past and the future. They are much happier in careers that have a tradition, a heritage, rules of behavior and company operations that are clearly established.

UNCONVENTIONAL people are just the opposite. They enjoy working in companies where customs and traditions are not followed. They enjoy exploring new ways of doing things with unusual people. They are usually not in the mainstream of public opinion and are usually ahead of their time.

Our results show that our samples personality should reflect the following attitude:
How do you compare?

Traditional vs. Unconvetional
As you noticed above Bill Gates, Opera, and Bill Clinton all rank higher in UNCONVENTIONAL. They will enjoy a career with less structure and more freedom to think on there own and to come up with new and exciting ways to accomplish a task at hand.

As for Steve Jobs is more TRADITIONAL. This leads him to enjoy a work environment where roles are spelled out and everyone has a specific task at had they are to accomplish. Structure is important and dealing with opposite minded free thinking individuals will most likely cause unwanted stress in his life.

Angelina Jolie is 50/50 on TRADITIONAL and UNCONVENTIONAL, this means she will be happy in either work environment but one with a mix of both might be the best for her.