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Rebecca's Story

"I don't want to go back to sales!" cried my daughter, a single mother of 3 babies. "I'm burned out from the boiler room telemarketing jobs!" even though she was very good at it and it had paid her well.

There was no discussing it with her so I asked her if she would read her CareerReport that I would soon get for her. Dutifully, she said yes.

She was very quiet for a week and then started to apply for a job in sales, a field that her CareerReport said that she would do well in. In less than day or two she was hired at "Babies R Us". She was ecstatic! She loved the work - helping new mothers with information on the products in the store. Every day she came home enthusiastic and excited about the ability to affect people's lives through helping to make mothers more sure of themselves.

It was almost a year later and everyone at the store knew my daughter and appreciated her help and advice, but she could not support herself and 3 baby boys on her single salary. She went back to her CareerReport and decided that she would return to school to study Radiology. "Radiology?" I asked in surprise. "It gives me the opportunity to use and develop the knowledge of ultrasound, which I have always loved and it does what I need and want. I will be my own boss, but I will work with a team in the leading-edge of a field, so that I will satisfy my need to be first and since I have the innate ability for this field, it will be easy to do a lot of studying in a short time" she said.

I held my breath - my daughter a Radiologist... Into her 3rd semester now at the local college, she has a straight 4.0 average, 4 scholarships, and a Phi Theta Kappa invitation. In less than a year she has turned her life around with security and confidence. She was even asked to become a tutor through excelling in subjects that she consistently failed in before.

She does not mind not having fancy things for 3-4 years because there is a reward that is far greater awaiting her.

By: Esther Herndon

Unhappy Marketing Director

From unhappy marketing director to becoming an ecstatic, soon-to-be successful real-estate agent in 1 week.
She arrived late for our meeting looking bedraggled --maybe this was because she was filling in for her assistant who had gotten sick that morning.

We had made an appointment to buy advertising in her Family Magazine for our Career Report. She had a hard time understanding and focusing on our product so much so that my husband suggested that we print a personalized Career Report copy for her so that she might have a better appreciation of what the report was capable of.

So after just getting her time, date and place of birth only 15 minutes before we reached the end of our meeting and before she had to go to her next appointment, she was reading about herself in total fascination. As she rushed to her next appointment (that she was now very late for), she asked that we call her at the beginning of the week to get an advertising quote for our campaign.

When we finally reached her by Tuesday she answered the phone excitedly and said that she had handed in her resignation and had applied to a top real estate company in town for a position that they had not even advertised for and had gotten hired. And all because now she had finally discovered through reading her career report what she really desired to be doing with her abilities and educational background. And, to top it all off the company was going to pay for her education to become a real estate agent.

Trepidatiously, we asked if the management at the company that she was working for was upset about losing their marketing manager and her reply was that they were delighted that she was finally going to a career field that was making her happy and enthusiastic.

We wished her well and hung up the phone forgetting all about getting our quote for the advertising campaign. Once again we were wowed by the ability of Career Report to change people's quality of life in such an elegantly simple manner.

Some 6 months later we called her again (on her cell phone this time) out of curiosity to find out if she was still transformed by the Career Report experience and when she answered the phone her continued excitement came through clearly so much so that there was cracking over the phone-line, she could hardly contain her joy with her career and her great success.

An example of the short way vs. the long way to your career information

I'm sure this story will hit home for some of you who feel frustrated about the career information online process when trying to find out about yourself and your career options when dealing with all the free come-ons that are online.

It was not even office hours when the phone rang in our closet office one morning. It was a young man from Texas calling just a few days before hurricane Ike made landfall.

"Is this career report ?", sounding slightly belligerent.

"Yes that's correct", replied my startled partner and husband.

"I've just ordered my career report online and I want to know where the survey is to fill out", continuing in his manner.

"There is no survey to fill out", was the reply.

Sounding much relieved and grateful the young man replied wow and hung up.

This true little exchange illustrates very clearly the relief that people feel at not having to jump through hoops to get exactly what they want and desperately need to have if they want to succeed in their career.

After e-mailing his individualized career report within 20 minutes of getting our confirmation of his order via email, inputting his time, date and place of birth into the career report program and then converting it into an email form to send to him all this being completed within 30 minutes of his filling out the only data that we required to generate his report he was reading what he wanted and needed to know about himself and what where his viable career options. We then printed a beautiful hard copy and set it into the leather like 3 ring binder with a calculator and 3 pens we looked at his career report and saw instantly that this young man was going to go places.

Please note that it is we who do the work of informing you about yourself, not the other way around.

How blind Brandy goes to Washington to speak to Congress

Our daughter brought her new friend that she had made at school home to meet us. This was a new school for our daughter, but for Brandy it was like an old prison. Brandy was a mother of 4 boys and had been born legally blind. In the coming 48 months she would become increasingly more blind and then totally blind. Brandy was just barely getting by at the local community college where our daughter was just starting out.

We all had a pleasant evening, enjoying our fast-paced conversations about this and that, but mostly talking about future career possibilities. Brandy was envious about our daughter's clear career path that she was taking for herself and Brandy wanted to follow along the same path.

As the conversation had now turned to our field of expertise, we pointed out to Brandy that each person has a unique blend of abilities and that would suit one easily, but may not be quite right for another so we offered to prepare a customized Career Report for her.

Bandy, having her curiosity awakened and piqued, quickly provided us with the time date and place of her birth, which was all the data we needed to be able to print out a customized Career Report for her.

By the time we had finished dessert, we were reading out loud to Brandy about herself in her Career Report. Her every other comment was "wow", I didn't know that I have the brains to become all these wonderful things. All my life I've been told that because I'm blind that I'm somehow too stupid to do anything worthwhile with my life".

We knew exactly how she felt because our own daughter has born with rare form of autism called Aspergers.

So that is where I went wrong

During our on-line sessions on how to get our career report business off the ground, we worked with a consultant that was not very helpful. We had fallen for a marketing scheme from a world famous marketer to give a limited number a chosen worthy people his personal expertise at a very reasonable cost of only $6000. The reality was quite the opposite. What we got was a business coach that knew very little about any aspect of what we were trying to do. We were trying to put our consulting business on-line and he knew next to nothing about on-line computer businesses and their needs.

We were in a desperate situation on the verge of foreclosure on our house and the loss of my husband's ability for speech due to a stroke several years earlier he could no longer help people as a family counselor. In that business he had been very successful because he used the same tools and technique of his hero Dr. C Jung's the Father of Psycho analysis in his practice but all of that came to a screeching halt when he could no longer clearly articulate. So in desperation we decided to step out of the 20th century into the 21st century and put those tools - programs on the web so that people could still gain the benefit of the information that are in these programs for themselves but without a human guide so it would be more of a self help focus. But we are not marketers and our success was due to the old fashion word of mouth from those who had been helped. All we had was an innate desire to help people be happy because that was what made our lives feel full of our own life path through pain and suffering to become success despite the odds against us.

Now we were facing even greater challenges learning a new way of doing what we loved with the added consideration of now needing to support our divorced daughter who had 3 beautiful sons under the age of 3 (a set newborn twins) who were all eventually diagnosed with extreme autistic had come back to live with us.

So this was the mountain that rested on our frail shoulders when we reached out for what seemed an expensive "helping hand" for there was no true help from that hand, but being true to our nature we ended up helping the inept person on the other end of the computer to redirect his own passion into the career felid that it was correctly suited for. In our distress of trying to get him to understand our business so that he could be of greater help we provided him with his personalized copy of his career report and at our next to last session he remarked about finding out where e had made his career field mistake thanks to our report. He was no longer available for our last $6000 session he had gone on to re-enter the field of his dreams.

An unemployed husband to a happy network engineer in 6 months

His happy and grateful mother-in-law related this story to us. His pregnant wife laughed hysterically as she tore open the large envelope, that Friday afternoon, containing her husband's personalized Career Report that her desperate father had ordered. They had been living off her parents for the past year. Her father ordered his Career Report in hopes his son-in-law would find dirrection in his career path.

She dared not hope that at last, after over a year of disappointment and frustration, not to mention the deeply embarrassing and humiliating situation of being supported by her father as well as also living with her parents, might finally be over soon and that she and her husband might be able to finally afford at last to live in their own place.

As she read out loud, in a sarcastic tone, the information about her husban's career personality assessment, she could not hear his excited "yes" exclamations and comments of "that is exactly how he feels and that those are the very issues he was constantly struggling with to reconcile in order to resolve what career field to choose that would make him happy and fulfilled".

His distraught pregnant wife kept up the sarcastic tone as she continued to read aloud from his career assessment list that gave him concrete examples of career fields and job applications that where best suited for his inborn aptitude, abilities and talents which for him was a great revelation that gave him the inspiration and confidence to take that next step that would lead him on a career course that he could live with and thrive in.

Ignoring his wife's response to his Career Report, with a clear vision about a career path to take he determined to set out the next day to apply to the proper organizations that he now understood would value his talents and abilities and as well his career personality.

The result: He was hired within two weeks by a company specializing in computer networking starting out as a salesman. Even though he was not starting out in his desired ultimate career position of being a computer network specialist because at the moment he lacked the educational background. The boss of the company desperately wanted him to work for them because he had the qualities and drive that they wanted in an employee. They offered him a position as a sales rep until he was able to complete his education. In the meantime he went on to become their top salesman. Life was hard for a while but they soon had their own private place just in time to get ready for the birth of their first son. Eventually he acquired the education to become a first class network engineer and a happy breadwinner for his growing family with a new beautiful home.

Some months later, at business breakfast at the L.A. chamber of commerce, where each member is give time to make a pich about their company their was a young man that stood up to talk. He talked about the benefits of his networking company that left us breathless with wonder of how he was able to make us feel so desirous of using his company's services. Even though we had no immediate need in that area we went to talk to him after all the presentations were over to find out more about the services. When he introduced himself we immediately recognized his name and understood how and why he was such an inspiring salesman.