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Chapter 4 - Routine vs. Variety

Career experts are predicting that all of us will be changing jobs three, four, or five times in the next couple of decades due to technological and other changes in the work place. In 1980, most people believed that a good education was all you needed to prepare yourself for a life-long career. This is no longer true. Today, with our career paths being interrupted from time to time and the constantly changing nature of the work to be done, we need to be extremely flexible and adaptable.

In this section we will give you a sense of how much we think you will enjoy these changes, plus how much variety or routine we think you need on a daily basis.

VARIETY refers to working responsibilities that are varied and unpredictable. People with high variety scores enjoy quickly changing work scenarios and responsibilities. They prefer flexible work hours and generally readily adapt to shift work.

ROUTINE refers to working responsibilities that are routine and predictable, encompassing regular scheduling of duties, and accountability for particular controllable functions. People with high routine scores enjoy responsibilities and careers that change slowly and predictably.

Our sample's need for both kinds of work are:
What are yours?

Variety vs. Routine Graph