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Chapter 5 - Optimum Career Environment

An important consideration when choosing a career is to identify the type of work environment most conducive to the development of your particular talents and potential. For example, you may have a strong need to be SELF-EMPLOYED, so you will look for opportunities to express your independence and personal initiative, even if you are working for a large corporation. Being motivated by challenges and stimulation, you might find the lack of autonomy and independence in large organizations restrictive.

On the other hand, JOB SECURITY and a regular pay check may be extremely important to you. You may be happiest working in a large, dependable, stable organization, where your responsibilities and rewards are clearly defined. The graph below indicates which considerations are potentially the most significant in your working environment.

Our results indicate that the optimum career environment for you is:

Our results indicate that the optimum career environment for our samples are:

What are yours?

Optimum Career Environment Graph