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Chapter 8 - Management

MANAGERIAL people tend to be high achievers. They enthusiastically work with and through people, attending to a multitude of supervisory details in order to reach their goals. If your present employer is considering you for a management role, they may be considering some of the following questions about you similar to the ones listed below:

First, would you enjoy a MANAGEMENT ROLE, rather than a supportive one?

Would you rather motivate people to accomplish your own or the companies goals rather than doing the work yourself?

Are you ASSERTIVE, with a flair for expressing entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial skills? (An intrapreneur is an entrepreneur successfully working within a corporate environment.)

In the midst of a hectic work day, do you have a continuing sense of the "LARGER PICTURE"? Do you show good judgment in your decision making, upon assessing a situation?

Would you be a RESPONSIBLE, dependable manager with the ability to utilize your time well and achieve results within specific deadlines? Do you relish extra responsibility?

Are you a LEADER? Can you inspire people to high achievement?

These are only a few of the important personal qualities associated with different theories of management. The most effective managers seem to have most of these traits, in varying strengths. If you have one or more of these traits strongly indicated in the graph below, we would expect that you will feel you have good management abilities.

Our results indicate that some of sample's management strengths are:
What are yours?

Bill Gates Management Graph

Opera Winfrey Graph

Steve Jobs Graph

Bill Clinton Graph

Angelina Jolie Graph