Tell Your Friends!

Chapter 10 - Interaction With People

Your choice of career will undoubtedly be influenced by the way that you usually interact with other people. Regardless of the role you play in-relation to others at work, you'll probably find one form of personal expression that fits you best-Either an individualist, team player, observer or the most natural for you.

If you tend to be an INDIVIDUALIST, you are probably most comfortable working independently. Working alone allows you to complete tasks in your own way. You may influence others indirectly by demonstrating the standards you expect through your own completed work.

If you are a TEAM PLAYER, you might prefer working with a small group, project team, task force, committee, etc. You probably enjoy the dynamics involved in cooperative group activity. You contribute to the development of cohesive groups by helping to resolve conflicts within your group and by facilitating group decision making.

If you are inclined to be an OBSERVER, you may wish to place yourself completely outside the organizational infrastructure, perhaps in a career involving investigative research or the study of human behavior. Your comments and criticisms about the interpersonal interactions you observe can be enlightening and instructive to others.

The sort of interactive role which may be most comfortable for our samples are:

Bill Clinton - Individualist
Steve Jobs - Observer
Angelina Jolie - Team Player
Bill Gates - Individualist
Oprah Winfrey - Observer

What is yours?