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Frequently Asked Questions

or questions you did not know that you should ask about a Career Report

What is a career report?

A career report is a personal assessment that provides information about your career personality and career aptitude profile along with career fields that are the most appropriate for you.

Are all Career Reports the same?

No. Some provide only information about your career personality. Career Report provides a more complete version as well as a percentage score and value for each of the 26 career personality areas that are assessed.

What is Career Report based on?

The original work was started by the famous father of Psychoanalysis, Dr. Carl Jung, and has been continued for the next hundred years up to present time by his students and followers.

What is career report based on?

An understanding that in order to feel fulfilled with your career and to be happy in your job position, the career must provide a creative outlet for your talents as well as satisfy your needs and abilities.

How does career report decide on a person's talents and abilities?

Career Report utilizes a process created by the founder of Psychoanalysis, Dr. Carl Jung, and is still used today by a small, but elite group of counselors. The process categorizes 12 personality types by very similar kinds of: drives, ambitions, needs, talents, modes of self expression, and reasons that give them passion for work and success. These parameters have been cross checked to what the US government web sites on careers have listed as matching characteristics or necessary traits you need to be successful in a particular career field. After completing a personality profile, your careers are then matched up with your needs, talents and desires.

What is our Career Report?

The report is an analytic publication based on your career personality, career aptitude and career assessment. The Career Report contains a printout of an individualized analysis of a your innate career personality, career aptitude and career assessment of fields and jobs based on those areas.
The report inspires confidence in yourself because of the powerful overview of your potential by utilizing your natural abilities.

How is unique?

There is no testing involved in order to generate a personalized career report. Instead, the report is derived from your natural abilities.

What is the purpose of a Career Report?

To facilitate the process of finding, choosing, and planning a career path.
Benefit - No chance of career burn out, only a career life that is fulfilling, exciting and satisfying!

How does Career Report facilitate the career process?

This is accomplished by organizing the personalized information into 3 parts which allows you to access the relevant information as needed.
Benefit - All your vital data is handed to you making the process easy, fast, fun and exciting.

Why is this information necessary to attaining career success?

Without this knowledge it is extremely difficult to reach your highest levels of accomplishment.

Part 1A - describes your career personality traits including:

  • How you express yourself to the outside world.
  • How you relate to your environmental needs and your ability for handling common, everyday work.
  • How you interact with people and your approach (style) of problem solving.

Part 1B - Your Management Abilities

Delineates the skills that are required for certain positions and assesses how well qualified you are at each of them.

Part 1C - Your personal style that relates to working with the people around you.

Talents, abilities, and needs that have been weighed as either a percentage or "best out of 30" to a related job. These aptitudes are then further valued for management abilities. All the information is then used to cross reference 38 career fields and positions and then analyzes their ability to provide a meaningful work experience for you by displaying a total percentage. The higher the score, the better suited the career is to your personality

Of what value is a Career Report?

Career Report helps to individualize you to yourself and the employer. It confirms which career fields and jobs will provide you with the greatest career fulfillment, career satisfaction and also identifies your career goals.

You get an organic insight into your career personality and relate all of the relevant details that are important to your career fulfillment.

How can you use a Career Report?

It forms the bases of a personalized a reference manual that is the basis of a career plan, career path and career guide.

What are the benefits of Career Report?

  • A quick and accurate career assessment of your personality that significantly speeds up the career search process.
  • There are no long testing processes, so no wasted time.
  • It greatly reduces the money you need to spend to find the answers you are looking for (up to 75% less then other equivalent programs).
  • It eliminates the need to bring verifying information because there are no subjective questions to answer.
  • No need to consult with a psychologist to get insights into your personality.
  • It eliminates extra effort in the verification process; there is no requirement to validate all your personal statements since all the work has been done for you to help better understand yourself by organizing the details.

How Does a Career Report Work?

A career report works by pointing out your best career options that will bring you career satisfaction.