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Client Comments

Career Report is AWESOME! It's really turned my life around. Thanks to the way this report is so clearly laid out with my abilities and options, I was able to easily weigh my options and choose a great new career. I never realized how many things I could do that I would enjoy. I now look forward to going to work, even though the job I have now is only temporary until I finish my college classes, but I know that my future career is going to be even better. Thanks, Career Report!!

Rebecca H. - California

When I first discovered CareerReport I was working in a great career doing a job many people would love and feeling completely unfulfilled. I worried if there was something wrong with me! Reading the CareerReport was an amazing eye-opener. First, the report spoke about the kind of person I am, and was completely accurate. Then it told me that given my particular personality, these are the various careers I would flourish at. It was such an eye-opener! No wonder I was unhappy! There was not anything wrong with the job, or with me, we just were not compatible.

Within 2 weeks of getting my CareerReport I found a new position and gave notice at my old job. It has now been eight months and I have never been happier!

Dana Rivers - California

Thank you for the great report. I graduated from high school this year, and am starting college. I have some general ideas about what I want to do in my career and have planned my college career, but was nervous about whether or not I was making the right decisions. This report gave me peace of mind! I especially like the various career rankings based on my particular personality. It let me know there are a wide variety of choices I can make based on the kind of person I am. I feel so much better! I recommend this report to everyone!

Lindsay B. - Texas