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Chapter 12 - Career Fields

In previous sections of this report, you have seen general indications of your probable work-related needs and interests. In this section you will find ideas and suggestions about the career fields and jobs that you may find most interesting and enjoyable.

Each career field has been analyzed specifically for you and displayed in the form of a number. Those with the highest number of points tend to be the career fields that you are most likely to enjoy.

Should you wish to obtain more information about specific occupations within any of these fields, the best place to start is your local library. Large libraries generally have booklets and career material available, describing the careers listed here.

As you study the following alphabetical list of career fields, you may feel drawn to several of the highlighted career fields and/or specific occupations within the field. It is possible (and desirable) to combine more than one potentially satisfying area into one career choice. For example: If 'SALES' and 'TECHNICIAN' both show high rankings, a career as the sales representative of an equipment manufacturer might be considered.

Examples of other groupings of high-ranking career fields and occupations might be: School Principal (MANAGEMENT and EDUCATION), or a Construction Company Owner "SELF-EMPLOYED"score).

To start studying and using this section, first look at the alphabetically listed career fields. If a field score is high then look for the highest scoring occupations within the field. These occupations will be the ones to investigate further. If the career field is low, but an occupation within it is high, we would expect you to have mixed feelings about it as a top choice.

Below are the sample results: How do you think you will rank in each category?

Click "view" to see the results for each person.

Bill Gates - view
Angelina Jolie - view
Bill Clinton - view
Steve Jobs - view
Oprah Winfrey - view